Monday, October 11, 2010

~ "That CD is stuck in that same spot again..."

For there is not a just man on earth, that does good, and sins not. (Ecc 7:20)

We can play that "righteous" tape over and over again in our heads, and we still will come out with the same ending. Jesus saves, God wins!

No matter what we do upon this earth, no matter how "good" we are, we still sin. We try to justify it in our heads, try to play out that we are better than we are, but we are not! The only thing that gets us into heaven is Jesus! His shed blood washes us white and gives us the "get out of hell free" card in the end. Some of us are more prone to certain "sins" than others. Some of us are habitual liars and can't seem to get the story straight (be it for our own desire for sympathy for what we've gone through, or just out of habit because we have no self control any longer). Some of us are gossipers who constantly feel the need to talk about those who rub us the wrong way to others. I think it makes them feel better about themselves when they place the focus on someone else. Some of us have "potty mouth" and every other word that comes out of it belongs in the toilet. We use the excuse "that's just how we talk here". Some of us are having sex outside of marriage (yes, it's in the Bible, so don't roll your eyes at me). Some of us are having adulterous affairs. Some of us are physically abusive to others. Some of us are emotionally abusive to others. Some of us are neglectful of our duties and responsibilities to our families. Some of us are self centered and egotistical.

Guess what? There is hope for us! It comes in the shape of a cross! It comes with 3 rather large nails and a crown of thorns. It's the ultimate sacrifice for our souls! We are called to live a "Godly" life. Though impossible, it's not a declaration that we don't have to try. We can live a lie, or we can live a life that is pleasing to him. When the power of the Holy Spirit is fully realized within you, the WANT to be a better Christian begins to shine through. Sure, there are going to be those moments of temptation and you will spend hours justifying your actions to the Father, but in the end you will humble yourself and admit you were less than you should have been and less than you could have been. If you continue to walk with Jesus, your life WILL change. His presence in your life causes you to be more aware of what you do and why you do it. He opens doors as you go through life, walking with you all the way. From the moment you asked him into your world, into your life, into your soul, he doesn't let you go. He keeps at you, pushing, loving, teaching and reaching out to you. He knows you cannot be perfect, that's why he built that bridge in the first place. He wants you to come to him, on your knees and humble yourself before him. Tell him you're a sinner, ask for his forgiveness and he will bestow upon you mercy and grace far beyond what your imagination can muster. Keep the enemy at bay, tell him you are a child of God and that Jesus is your Savior! Ask him to come and redeem you from yourself and anything is possible!

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