Tuesday, September 14, 2010

~ "Who are you???"

This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God; nor is anyone who does not love his brother. (John 3:10)

God's love is the purest of the pure! There is nothing that compares to it - it is perfect. But in our less than perfect world, we meet, and often entertain, that fallen angel - Satan. He has tempted and tormented even the greatest of prophets, not to mention the fact that he tempted our Savior in the desert! The expression "if it feels wrong, it probably is" is a good way to measure what is God's way and what is the devil's way.

How do we reach those whose "barometer" does not calculate good and bad in the same way ours does? How to do we bring those "children" to the righteousness of God? We do it by example. We hold out our hands and offer them God's love through his word, through the works of Jesus and that love that sets us free. We become the people they aspire to be. When others can see Christ at work in us, it is the greatest testimony we can offer.

When we are called to a function that undoubtedly has every eye in the place on us, we tend to put on our best behavior (not to mention, our best clothing). We want to do everything perfect and not make mistakes and we hope that any mistakes we make either go unnoticed or are dismissed without incident! If we used that same portrayal of ourselves as Christians, there would be people lining up at the altars to be be saved! People would immediately turn their lives around, not because of our witnessing, but because of the example we have become! When the unstable "nut job" becomes the stable, upright and forgiving person (all without the aid of medications), people become curious as to what brought about the change! But not everyone will embrace that change. Those who want to stay in their "high places" and refuse to come down from their "thrones" are the ones who continue to follow the way of Satan. Their unforgiving way, their continued mocking of what is God's will show you who they are. They are the ones who will call you a "Jesus Freak", "the Church lady", the "nut job" or they will simply "ignore" you! They do not want to know God the way that you do! They profess that they are children of the King, yet do not do his work. They put on their best, go to church on Sunday and call themselves Christians for an hour, then it's back to swindling their employers or employees out of money, gossiping about those no longer included in their group of friends, and looking down their noses at what they choose not to associate themselves with.

Put on your very best YOU every day! God has blessed you with the gift of salvation! He has opened a door for you, now open your heart for him! Lift up your head and walk forward, for when your head is lifted, your eyes are on the kingdom!

(photo by Christina White)

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