Friday, August 13, 2010

~ "Oh, be careful little fingers what you key..."

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. (Ex 20:16)

Lies. They distort the truth and hurt the one they are being spread about. We are commanded not to lie about others. Our recollections, our interpretations of situations, the selective memories we hold on to, and our need to be accepted sometimes cause us to forget the reality of a relationship and replace it with what our minds and our hearts can deal with. We get over the hate, but we never get over the love.

When relationships fail, we lash out in anger and in pain. We say things we might not normally say, we do things that we later regret. The biggest obstacle in our path at that point are the lies of others. The hurts they continue to heap on the pile (some without even knowing it) create an anger and pain that causes us to want to seek revenge. And in a time when we should have been defended, we find that we are punch line to their jokes.

It is at those times that God lifts us up and reminds us that we are loved! His love comes to us in many ways. Even though the words of some cut us down, in that same moment, the actions of others lift us up! We all have moments when we are "insane" (some of them last longer than others) and we eventually become grounded again. The hurts come when the lies we are tagged with do not go away. Some people feel the need to continue to be the grammar school bully into their adulthood. They aren't happy unless they're tearing someone else down. My friends, know that God has a plan for them, too!

True friends, like true love, comes from the heart. God's goodness and mercy will always outshine the deeds of the evil one! Accept the hand you are dealt and pray for those who continue to hold on to their hurtful ways, they are known to God and he will deal with them in his time!

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