Wednesday, January 7, 2015

~ "Good works..."

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."  (Matt 5:16)

All that we do that is good glorifies God.  Being a Christian, doing what we are commanded, makes us an example of Christ's love on earth.  When we offer a hand to a neighbor because they need it, when we donate our used clothing to a shelter, when we donate that $1 at the check out, we are performing good works that are visible by others.  No, it's not bragging or boasting - it's simply letting others see the Lord working through us.

Paying it forward is also a good work.  Have you ever received a "gift" from a friend when you were struggling financially?  If you have, pay it forward when you are financially sound again.  My grandfather kept a $20 bill in his shirt pocket (back in the early 60's, that was a lot of money).  There was one man at work who would come to him at the end of the week and ask to borrow it.  He would then pay it back on payday.  He did this for years.  He continued to "lend" this man money until he realized that if the man didn't need to pay him back, he wouldn't need to borrow it every week.  He made a contribution to this man's life that I'm sure he has never forgotten.

Good works isn't always about money.  It's a ride to work when your car is down.  It's helping the senior citizen bring in her groceries.  It's shoveling the snow from the walkway of the young man with a broken arm.  It's bringing soup to someone who is sick.  It's anything that helps someone else.  It resonates in heaven like a song.  It glorifies God!

Take the opportunity to do something for others - don't do it because you have to do it, do it because it pleases God!