Monday, January 20, 2014

~ "The one that got away..."

And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. (Mark 10:27) 

We all have moments where we wish the Lord would just "fix" everything - perhaps take us back to a specific point in time and allow us the opportunity to make things right. Realizing that is not going to happen, we are forced to live with the consequences of our actions. Not because it is impossible, but simply because it is the hand we have been dealt (or rather the hand we drew ourselves). Listening for the voice of God is often more challenging than many would care to admit. We wander around doing what we think He'd have us do, yet we've stopped waiting on Him and become impatient; acting on our thoughts and desires and not ascertaining what it is, exactly, that we are being called to do. We watch as others prayers are answered and their lives appear to be filling with joy and happiness while we sit, bruised and broken by the actions we can not blame on anyone but ourselves. We've torn out our own hearts, so to speak. How do we get back? How do we find our way on the right road at the right time? Simple. We begin where we began when we first started to walk this journey...with Jesus. All the trials and mistakes we've encountered are not going to fall away, but they will subside. We can make a new life in Christ. Remember, once we've accepted Him and been commissioned, there is no going back. Satan may try, but the Holy Spirit that fills our souls will not allow that to happen. We are a part of Christ and He is a part of us. There is no room for the enemy... Set a goal for yourself, even if it's just reading a verse or two of scripture. Find one that has a special meaning to you. Allow yourself the time to meditate on it without interruption from phone, work, computer or anyone (or anything). Tell the Lord your dilemma - remind Him that you are His (not that He needs to be reminded, but it may help you convince yourself). God called you for a reason - He has plans for you that you may not be aware of - let Him lead the way (stop filling your life with things you THINK He wants for you and start filling it with what you KNOW He wants for you). Remember that all things are possible with God - even the impossible! If it's what He wants for you, it will come to pass, if it's not...well, He'll have something much better for you - guaranteed! Don't let His love escape your heart - share it, but don't forget to restore it. How do we do that??? Through constantly being in His mighty presence (and no, that does not mean you have to be in a church 24/7). Keep Him with you at all times and your load will lighten and your life will be better because of Him. Thank Him for the opportunity to see that you cannot do it alone and that His plans are much better than yours! Rejoice in all that is His and the light will once again shine on your path...