Monday, April 16, 2012

~ "AAUGH!!!"

Do all things without murmurings and disputings (Phil 2:14)

Most people know the slogan for Nike Footwear.  The words "just do it" appear beneath the "swoosh" logo that denotes Nike.  It's easily recognizable and usually when seeing it, one automatically recalls the command.  Why?  Because it was such a profound statement and unique logo that it stuck with you.  It wasn't something we were overly conditioned to seeing - it was something different and creative and it attached itself to our consciousness.

When we see a cross, we think of Jesus.  Our mind automatically recognizes that our Savior was crucified to pay for our transgressions.  It should be ever present in our minds, in all that we do, but it isn't.  We most often lose sight of it when we are frustrated, when we are lonely, when we are hurting and even when we are content.  When we are tired, our focus is on sleeping.  We can see nothing else but the pillow and the blankets.  All we want is to be safely tucked into and wrapped in the soft warmth and peaceful slumber that regenerates us without any action involved other than closing our eyes.  We wake restored and refreshed!  Sometimes we have to fight to keep our eyes open long enough to make it there, making the actual act of falling asleep much more anticipated and more greatly desired.  Yet, when we were children, the last place we wanted to be was asleep!  We hated the though, some of us pitched a fit and going to bed was worse than a prison sentence.  We whined and complained and fought and ultimately found ourselves either sore from a pop on the behind or sobbing into that pillow.  Had we just done as we were told in the first place, there wouldn't have been all drama that surrounded the command to "go to bed".

In the same manner, we have been commanded to follow the Word of God.  He's given us step by step instructions and even sent Jesus to show us how to do it.  Yet, there are some that still insist on doing what they want, when they want.  There are those, too, who complain and moan over having to go to church, make excuses as to why they can't open the Bible and read it, have no time to pray and don't really see the point in being involved in anything other than their own little corner of the world.  

Knowing that I will never be good enough to enter the kingdom of heaven, knowing that no matter what I do, it will never be good enough does not discourage me.  I continue to push through the moments of apathy and mental paralysis that accompany those moments (sometimes hours, sometimes days) because although I will never be good enough, Jesus is, and he is in me, and I am in him.  We are a team.  Sometimes I lag far behind and have to run to catch up, but he does not desert me.  He waits for me to come to him.  I do not murmur and grumble at the path I've been chosen to  walk - after all, I was given the choice to follow or to stay where I was - lost and condemned.  

Sometimes its not in what you do, but in the attitude you do it with.  Don't let your attitude towards prayer be one of loathing or complaining - do it with a song in your heart, with a joy that you are able to call upon his name and he hears you.  If you're having trouble with it - ask him to help you.  He never gets tired of hearing your voice.  Make time for him every day.  Make him your number one priority.  Step away from the computer long enough to offer him praise for the fact that you have one!  Offer him praise for the roof over your head.  Offer him praise for the food you eat, the "things" you have and the blessings he bestows on you (especially since you don't deserve them).  For without him, without his guiding hand and loving touch, you are sure to become an easy target for the enemy.  Be strong, don't give up hope, he has great plans for you!