Sunday, August 28, 2011

~ "Praise You in this Storm..."

For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth, and as the waters increased they lifted the ark high above the earth. (Gen 7:17)

This past week has seen the power of God, yet many still do not hear His voice. Earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricane Irene have not moved the people to give up their pursuit of all that is unholy. Only those in the direct path of the catastrophy have bothered to call on the name of the Lord - and in that, many called on them to save their property, as opposed to their souls.

There is nothing I own that is not replaceable. There is nothing I own that I can take with me one I die (not even my Bible). I sat and watched people prepare for this Category 1 hurricane that hit the Jersey Shore last night. They boarded their windows, stocked up on water and bread. They entered this storm with the same mentality they do most things..."it's all about me and mine".

I sat here last night, watching them issue a tornado warning in my area. I unplugged my television and computer and went to bed. I did not have anything to fear. If the waters rose and flooded my home, if the tree out front fell over on my car, if the wind took my fence, if the power went out - I had my Savior! I knew that if I did not wake up in my bed, I would wake up at the feet of Jesus! There is much to be said about planning - but the greatest planning need you have is for your soul.

Take the time to seek God. Spend time in His word. He wants so much to include your name in the Book of Life. Our days on this earth will end. There will be no second chance once that occurs. Give yourself over to Him now. Walk His path and He will protect you as you praise Him through the storms that come into your life. There is SONSHINE just beyond the clouds!!!

(Photo: Ocean Grove Auditorium - Hurricane Irene - photo by Tracey James)