Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~ "Off to a college open house I go..."

Wherefore [is there] a price in the hand of a fool to get wisdom, seeing [he hath] no heart [to it]? (Prov 17:16)

We pay for knowledge. Sometimes we pay for knowledge in an area that we have no business being knowledgeable of. Sometimes we pay for stupid knowledge (if there is such a thing). My parents spent thousands of dollars to send me to good schools (and we all know how that turned out). I probably would have received a better education had I gone to public school with my friends. Needless to say, it's all water under the bridge at this point. Some years ago, in the early days of "on-line learning", I came across a "school" that offered me a college degree for the courses I'd already taken and my work experience. I read and read and it seemed above board. I had no clue they were not accredited (I didn't even think to check to see). I filled out their long form and paid them a fee for my degree. They sent me a beautiful piece of paper, offered me a class ring (at a cost) and even invited me to a commencement ceremony in Sioux Falls, SD. That wasn't necessary. I needed the degree and at the age of 40, marching with 23 year olds didn't appeal to me. A year later, I applied and was accepted to a funeral school in NYC and began attending classes. The price we pay for "wisdom" is sometimes greater than the money we lay out.

Needless to say, the degree was a sham. The knowledge I possess, the wisdom I've acquired, do not need a piece of paper for me to know my own worth. I have no piece of paper that tells me I belong to Jesus and that I am valued by Him. That is my most important asset. It is far greater than a "sheepskin", more important than any degree I could ever earn, and it comes with a guarantee to "live happily ever after" in the next life. Yes, it would be wonderful to be counted among those who have studied hard and earned the distinction of "Bachelor", "Master", or even "PhD" - but I rather like my distinction ... "CoG" (Child of God).

We all have a dream or a goal for our lives. Logistics play a big part in what we become and why. If you are in the right place, at the right time - you can succeed. The right place is at the foot of the cross...the right time is now! God has a way of sorting out what's important and what's not. We just need to be patient and wait on Him. With all the phonies out there, wisdom is sometimes lost on trying to be more like them than more like Jesus. God doesn't seem to mind that I am not "institutionally qualified" to write this devotional every day. It doesn't seem to bother Him that I possess only a high school diploma and some college credits. He inspires me every day and takes me places in His word that I can only imagine. He offers me opportunities to teach others about Him (without a teaching certificate) and He allows me to care for those around me, offer them emotional support and sometimes just listen when they need to vent (all without a psychology degree).

A formal education is required for many professions that one may want to pursue. There is only one profession that enables you to enter the kingdom of heaven - a profession of faith! There are no formal education requirements for that! The only education you need to be accepted into His kingdom can be found in the Bible. It is to know and believe that Jesus is our Savior, that He died on a cross for our sins, that He rose from the dead and lives in Heaven with the Father, and that He is coming back to claim what is rightfully His. Ask Him into your heart and soul today, and you, too, can gain wisdom for yourselves and others through the Word of God...and when your day to graduate arrives - you will receive that distinction with honors