Sunday, January 22, 2012

~ "I Am New..."

Buried with him in baptism, wherein also you are risen with him through the faith of the operation of God, who has raised him from the dead.  (Col 2:12)

"I won't deny the worst you could say about me...but I'm not defined by mistakes that I've made because God says I'm me"... 

We will ALL see a day where we will stand before the Lord and account for our lives.  Some reach that day long before WE believe they should.  Some die young.  Some die old.  Some die surrounded by people who love them.  Some die alone.  In reality - we all die alone.  Those left behind are, just that - left behind.  It is not their time to die.  We will stand before God, humbled. We are all given the same opportunity while on this earth - for whatever time He gives us.  Wouldn't it make sense to come to Him before you stand before Him???

Our Lord comes to us with a promise and a gift.  He offers it to us at no cost - as I've said before, it's been paid for, and we couldn't afford it anyway.  We do not deserve it.  We are sinners.  Once we accept that gift, we become forgiven, redeemed and remade - not before.  Going through life alone is hard, but not compared to an eternity of being denied a place in the kingdom of God.  

We only get one shot at life in this world; we are afforded many opportunities to bow down and worship our King.  One day, the opportunity will have passed you by if you continue to "wait until tomorrow".   There is no time like right now to ask Jesus into your life.  Call out to him and he will hear and answer you.  Come with a humble heart and accept him in a way your soul has longed for you to do!  Be made new by the power of God!  Be made whole, be made righteous and just in his eyes.  Become worthy to serve, holy and accepted, beloved.  Hide yourself in Christ and take on the image of the remade, become new!